Friday, June 18, 2010

In Memory ~ Beautiful Grand-Dog ~ Sara

Received news from a tearful daughter tonight, their beloved german shorthaired pointer, Sara had passed on. She'd been showing signs of deterioration the last few days. In fact they'd had a scare about two weeks ago when she was acting a bit strange. Sara was 11 yrs. old.

One of my first memories of this dog was when they first got her. My daughter Kim was going to give her a bath in the bathtub, and asked for help. So I got right along side her and together we gave her the first bath in their house. She'd been my favorite grand-dog ever since. This was the gentlest dog I have ever known. Although she was of a hunting breed, that was not for her. She was more a home dog. Good watch dog, and so very patient and understanding with three little girls who would poke and prod and pull ... and she never once even growled at any of them! When I would go to my daughter's house, Sarah would come running to greet me with the grandkids, as if to say, "Grandma's here, grandma's here!" Even when MaggieMae would go with me to visit while I was babysitting the four year old earlier this year, Sarah was never territorial at all. She greeted her with the usual sniffs and then would walk away as if to say, "ok" and go lay down in one of her favorite spots.

She will be missed. She was "Sweet Sara".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing Her Already (For DOT)

Ok, yes... MaggieMae is probably having a ball with fellow canines. I am the one missing her! Not that I would have brought her along on this trip. I mean what about when I had to stop at the rest areas? (And there were plenty of them!) It's hot and humid and I would not have wanted to leave her in the car even for a few minutes! And when I went in to a restaurant to eat? No, wouldn't do that to the poor dog! The only difference when I came here to visit last year was after I dropped her off at the kennel, I left also. This time I had to drop her off the night before I left, so I actually could look out my back window and see her at the kennel! That was a tough one I will say!! I got choked up seeing her there! I dared not even venture into my back yard for fear she might see me!

Well, I did arrive safely at my sisters this morning. Her little dog Izzy is having a hard time getting used to my presence here, although she has been in my lap and licked my hand several times. She's a tiny ball of white fur! Very quiet little thing. Very different from my larger black noisey MaggieMae. Yep, I'm missing her!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Update and Bird and Bloom

Ok, for those interested, I did see the NP today. He said I most likely had some of the stomach flu that was going around. I am relieved as I was thinking possible gall bladder problems! Anyway he told me to have a good trip. He is a super nice guy. So that being said I thought I would also add some recent photos to my blog.

This is "my oriole" that has come back again to the feeder. As you can see, it was nearly drained at this point. (Yes, I will be sure it's full before I take my trip.) Isn't he beautiful?

I was so thrilled he came to feed.

And here is the first bloom of my new rose bush I added this year! Such a lovely pink!

I will have my laptop along so I will try to keep up with other blogs. Although I am not quite sure what my sister has planned, so no promises on my own posts! MaggieMae will be having fun with the socializing at the kennel. She does fine there, don't worry about her.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Under the Weather

Hi fellow bloggers. Thanks to those who stopped by looking for us. I've been under the weather the last few days (something I ate I think) but am improving. MaggieMae is fine and keeping me good company. Sorry no pics for DOT. It may be a couple weeks before I get more, and do another post. Planning a trip this next week, so it will be after I get back.

Hope you are all well. I'll be stopping by to catch up on your blogs soon.

Thanks and love to you all.
MaggieMae and Rose