Thursday, July 29, 2010

DOT and I Got Grounded!

MaggieMae here. I can't believe it! My mom grounded me!! I had a couple adventures last week, when I figured how to get out of the fenced yard, so she grounded me for that! (She still doesn't know if I jumped the fence or climbed it, but I'm not telling her either!) Just because a couple different neighbors tattled on me and brought me home on a leash (although one of them had to walk the entire block and she's a lightweight and I didn't make it easy on her)!

I couldn't help myself! The bunnies running free in the next door neighbors yard just taunted the dickens out of me to chase them, so I did! I had a great time too, cause when I got home again my heart was racing and I was panting so fast and hard! Then mom had to clean out these little green balls from my hair that I got from the weeds we ran through. She wasn't too happy with me at all. You can see from the pictures below how she grounded me for now. I do still get to run the yard when she's out there with me, but she keeps expecting me to show her how I got over the fence and I won't! Not giving away my secret..... no way!! Although I did hear her her talking to my sister's husband Henry about what to do to build up the height of the fence, and maybe even putting some kind of "inward" barrier to keep me from going over it again... darn it all! Humans...! No consideration for letting a dog just be a dog! (Although she said she just wants to keep me safe.) Even when we walked after that she kept jerking the leash on my walking harness if I even tried to "look" for bunnies, then telling me "NO!" so I'd just keep looking forward! I could tell she was not very happy with my adventures! So see what she did now!

It sure isn't any fun being grounded!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kentucky Visit ~ DOT

I made a visit to my sister's house in KY in June this year. I had bought two very nice rockers from a yard sale across the street from me at a very good price. I did so with my sister's house in mind. She has a wonderful front porch. And she'd told me her old wooden rockers were falling apart. So when I saw the two for sale, I thought I'd bless her with them. I had to get the back seat taken out of my van to transport them, but it was worth the look on her face and my brother-in-law loves them too! They are made of composite materials, which my bil explained to me how they were made (although too complicated for me to repeat here). They will last a good long time.

And I got to meet my sister's little Bichon, Izzy. What a cute little thing she is! Very clever and funny girl too.

Such a sweet little face!

They also have an australian cattle dog. This is Red. I wasn't sure how friendly he was when I first got there, but he warms up. Nice looking fella, don't you think?

The bad thing was the temps were mid nineties, and very humid, so we didn't get to do some of the things we wanted, but just visiting with my sis was the best blessing of all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

DOT~ On The Chase

One of the things that makes me smile is when some critter in the back yard decides to duck for cover in the lilac bush. And of course, MaggieMae is hot on the trail.

Around the bush.

And around...

And back around...

And again around...

And back again...

And another good sniff...

And finally tired dog takes a rest, but...

Keeps the watch!