Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Peggy Sue

I want to introduce you to Peggy Sue. She is named after the Buddy Holly song of the same name. A friend of mine suggested I get a bike (I had just given one to my grand daughter Samantha) that suited me. So I visited my favorite discount department store over the weekend and found her! Isn't she just a beautiful lady??

And she is not only pretty, she has quality!

She also has 7 speeds.
I relearned to ride and thought I was doing quite well, till I came home and hit the brakes a bit too hard! Ended up falling to the right beside my van, put my hand out to my van to catch my fall, but ended up on my behind! Not only that, I jammed my right arm in the process, which sent shockwaves to my shoulder and today I am feeling some soreness. Fortunately a very wise person said put ice on it right away, which I did. That and ibuprophen helped immensely! But I do not hold the fall against her! She's a beauty and I hope we have many hours of riding.
Oh wait, I have not given up my first love for a ride, my motorcycle! No way! I love them both for each of their endearing qualities and the enjoyment they bring!

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Sunny said...

H! Very nice ..... glad you are having fun!