Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on MaggieMae Being Grounded~DOT

No pictures today, but I do have an update on MaggieMae's escape capabilities and consequent "grounding". I was standing in the back yard with a friend and MaggieMae and looked just in time to see something I had not expected! She went like a streak of lightning and escaped again... but ... under the fence!!! She came back about 10 min. later (at least she does come back home) while my I was talking to my nieghbor. At least now I know how to proceed with a fix for the fence! And it will be far less costly than building up the top of the fence. My son-in-law said he has a cable he can run through the bottom of the fence (who knew that chain link would stretch to where a 50 lb. dog could escape under it?) and draw it tight. We will give that a shot (hopefully today) and if that alone is not enough, we can drive some tent stakes or some type down through the fence into the ground to prevent her from going under again also.

I have also been looking into sight block strips and discovered the best type are "winged" or "feathered". I have also found out they are very expensive. A local fence company sells them for $99/10 ft. coverage! Wow! Shopping online I found one site that has them for approximately $66/10 ft. coverage. Free shipping also. I just have to measure the fence and see how much I need. They do not have to be woven in, but fit naturally into the slots created by the weave of the chain link. And the wings or feathers create a complete sight barrier for the fence. I read that they are not recommended for 6 ft. fences as they also block the wind. But they should be fine for my 4 ft. fence. The reason I am considering them is that if she cannot see the bunnies in the neighbor's yard, it would go a long way in deterring her from learning to "jump" the fence to go after them! This would be well worth the $$$ to keep her safe in her own yard!

Hopefully she will be free to run the yard again soon. The poor girl has been absolutely miserable! Of course she will not be happy to realize her escape route has been blocked either, but she will be able to chase squirrels from the yard again and keep the mice scurrying on the other side also! Happy and safe DOT to all you doggies who love to run free!

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George the Lad said...

Hi Rose and MaggieMae, thanks for popping by me blog and following I've put you on my list to, we bunny chasers need to stick together:)
Fancy you being grounded, thats just not far when you can see um though the fence, me mom says "out of sight out of mind", I canner see a dam thing though my fence, I don't think I have bunnys on the other side! might have to check it out, and them green ball thingies I know about them, don't they pull when you have to get them out.
see Yea george xxx