Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Kind of Dog? (DOT)

Last weekend we had our local Peach Festival in Lewiston, NY. My dd told me my two grands who are in Girlscouts would be marching in the parade on saturday, so a friend and I went to watch it. While waiting almost two hours for the Girlscouts to come by (my dd said there were 147 units and they were 117th), I snapped this picture of the youngest grand, the camera hanging around my neck and she was right in front of me.

She is also obviously the family clown.

Here they come!


Then we walked around the festival and I got my peach shortcake! Yum!!

Leaving, we saw this heading back to my friend's truck.

This was the finale of the parade, the bagpipe band went back to escort the huge flag they had taken down that had been flying over the judging stand and brought it up to the end of the parade and proceeded to fold it up the proper way. I could not get good pictures of that. Considering this was Sept. 11th, I was wondering if it was also a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Then I saw this new breed (?) of dog! Isn't it cute? Can you guess the combination of breeds? Was pretty obvious to me and the owner confirmed my guess, then agreed to let me take a pic of the lovely one.

What a sweetie she was!

Happy Dogs on Thursday doggie friends!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Ugly Tail for DOT

Well, this is MaggieMae again. I have been confined to the yard now... at least mom has blocked all my exits. But I am unhappy about something else now. Remember my beautiful tail?

Well, I went to the "spa" last night and came home with it looking like this:

What happened?

The groomer told mom it was so matted that she had to shave it! Mom blames me because I hate so much for her to brush it! I guess I do since I try to nip at her when she does... so now I have this "rat tail".... Ugh! Mom says the hair will grow back in. I sure hope she's right! Maybe I'll be nicer the next time she tries to brush it out... :-(