Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Ugly Tail for DOT

Well, this is MaggieMae again. I have been confined to the yard now... at least mom has blocked all my exits. But I am unhappy about something else now. Remember my beautiful tail?

Well, I went to the "spa" last night and came home with it looking like this:

What happened?

The groomer told mom it was so matted that she had to shave it! Mom blames me because I hate so much for her to brush it! I guess I do since I try to nip at her when she does... so now I have this "rat tail".... Ugh! Mom says the hair will grow back in. I sure hope she's right! Maybe I'll be nicer the next time she tries to brush it out... :-(


Tina. said...

Dear MaggieMae, Sometimes we have to endure things for the sake of beauty...otherwise we have to face the consequences like the "rat" tail. I have always admired your "great plume of a tail", so I hope you learn your lesson and do not nip your Mum!

Sunny said...

Hi MaggieMae, So sorry to hear of your delema ~ my mom says MY tail hairs are about 7-8" long now ... but then I ALWAYS let momma brush MY tail, just sayin'.....


Janet said...

Ah, poor MaggieMae. Yes, the hair will grow back and we hope you will cooperate better with your mom. Sydney sympathizes -- she loves a good brushing except for that one spot. You two are so much alike. :-)

Anonymous said...


Do you think that under all that hair she REALLY is a rat? It looks like it.

Charli and me said...

LOL..Well I think you have an adorable tail Maggie Mae!! I think you are one of the sweetest little pooches I know :>)