Thursday, January 13, 2011

DOT~New Winter Pics~January 2011

I haven't had the camera on MaggieMae since Christmas pictures. So I decided to get some the other day, and this was before the snowfall of the last two days. She's up to her usual winter thing.

Checking out the neighbor's yard to the one side. (You can see her tail is starting to grow out... now if she will just continue to let me brush it out!)

Sniffing around where the squirrels have been.

Looking to see if the rabbits have been next door in the neighbor's yard on the other side.

And of course looking for squirrels or rabbits on the other side of the road coming into our housing area.
Not much different from any other time of year. Typical MaggieMae.


Tina. said...

I think MaggieMae needs to come and play with her cousins!!!!

Nichole said...

Great snow pics... Happy DOT!

Janet said...

Regardless of the snow, MaggieMae is still on duty. :-) Cute pictures!