Thursday, November 10, 2011

DOT~Big Comfy Couch

I'd had a sleeper sofa for years..... too many years. It had gotten very uncomfortable to sit on as the cushions kept sinking into it. So I decided one day to go shopping for new. I found one I really like and decided to get the chair to match. The cushions come off (hard to find these days) and a person could actually sleep comfortably on it. It's my "big comfy couch"!

I guess you can see who also thinks it's a comfy couch!
Happy DOT! Stay warm and comfy!


Janet said...

Looks like MaggieMae has given the new couch her seal of approval. Sydney stretches out just the same way when she's really relaxed. :-)

Tina. said...

I like the couch...but I love the way MaggieMae is enjoying life!

Happy DOT's to you too! ;-)