Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Has Winter Been?

This has really been a very mild and changeable winter! At the end of last winter I bought myself a used snowmobile in very excellent condition. I did get out on the trail near me one time for about a half hour. I was sooo looking forward to more of that this winter. A close friend and my youngest daughter and her husband had also gotten used snowmobiles. We all joined the local snowmobile club and the NYSSA (New York State Snowmobile Association). My friend and I took a safety course. That was mostly for kids, but I don't regret the learning experience.

So we all anxiously awaited enough snow to ride. And waited. And waited! Wow. The trails finally opened this past monday near me. So my sil and daughter and the three girls came over on Monday about 4:30 so we could get a quickie ride in before dark. Well, it sure was a quickie. :-D We think my youngest grand-daughter who was riding in front of my daughter accidentally hit the kill switch when they hit a bump. That cut the engine right away. My sil was off ahead and didn't realize we weren't behind him for a little bit. I stopped with her. I tried to start it but not knowing the switch had been hit, no luck. (I'm so glad I have electric start on mine!)

My sil came back after realizing we were not behind him any longer. He was having trouble starting it also as by then the engine was most likely flooded. It was getting on towards dusk so we decided I should take the youngest gd back to my house. I put my sled in reverse and hit the gas a little harder than I thought. With a rut behind me...... yep..... upset it! Fortunately the gear I was wearing provided quite a bit of padding, along with my own "cushion"... LOL. So my sil got my sled turned around for me and I proceeded to start back to the house, gd in front of me (she's only 6). We got back to where I needed to make a turn across some deep furrows in the field near my house and not thinking clearly I did not make wide enough swing to make the ride over them at the required 90 degree angle I needed. Yep! Upset again. No one hurt fortunately! Then we started to walk back to my house(I could not upright my sled with the angle it was at, and I tripped over a furrow and hit the ground again! Nothing hurt by my pride!

We did make it back to the house, and my sil got my daughter's sled started with the help of another rider passing by. She came back to the house and then walked back and brought my snowmobile back here. The picture below was just as it was getting dark.

My daughter is to the left, my snowmobile, my sil, his snowmobile and hers on the right. He went for a ride alone for about 20 minutes after that. We stayed in. And as I have said before, I will never ride alone!

All in all I counted it as a good learning experience. Unfortunately the following day the temps warmed up once again and all the snow melted! Sniff sniff. Not sure if we shall get another ride in this winter or not, the way it has been going. Some have given up hoping. I just decided to take a wait and see attitude as that's about all I can do anyway! Except for looking forward to being able to get my motorcycle out in the spring! (Or sooner?)


Janet said...

Wow, quite an adventure you had. Hasn't the winter weather been strange this year? I'm glad you had a chance to ride a bit.

Deaf Ranger said...

Hey. No comments what's up, did you lose your tail?

Deaf Ranger said...

HEY! Looks like no one is home! No hearts any more? Sure aren't any tales...